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About the Ice Age Trail About the Ice Age Trail More than 12,000 years ago, an immense flow of glacial ice sculpted a landscape of remarkable beauty across Wisconsin. As the glacier retreated, it left behind a variety of unique landscape features. These glacial remnants are now considered among the world’s finest examples of how […]

A recent survey shows . . .

A recent survey shows Baby Boomers want high speed internet and to live near grocery stores and hospitals. Over 90% said they plan to stay in their own home. Another poll found more than 70% of homeowners in their home for 10+ years aren’t moving because they like their home. Another 21% don’t want the […]

THE Wisconsin Union

Who does not Love the Wisconsin Union…..the outside Terrace is wonderful….here are more events to come:   UPCOMING EVENTS & MEMBER NEWS MARCH 26-30 – WHEELHOUSE STUDIOS Join Wheelhouse Studios for spring break painting happy hour and take advantage of a great “buy one get one free” deal on all canvases. LEARN MORE MARCH 15-17 – PERFORMING […]