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Why Use An ABR® . . . Accredited Buyer’s Representative

Buying a home is no small matter. Besides being the largest financial transaction you may ever undertake, it’s probably also the most complex. There are many good reasons to work with a qualified real estate professional—especially a trained professional who has earned the ABR® designation, representing best-in-class buyer services.

When you look for a home look for a Realtor with an ABR® designation. This designation is awarded through the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council. Your interests become their interests. And you’ll be working with someone who has gone the extra mile by completing specialized training in delivering the best in buyer-representation services. Plus, a REALTOR® who has an ABR® designation also has an established track record, with proven experience in representing the concerns of home buyers.

Here are just a few of the ways that we can ensure you are using the best processes to buy your new home, condo or investment property:

1. FINANCES. Houses are expensive. Probably the largest purchase you’ll ever make. That’s why very few prospective homeowners have enough cash on hand to purchase a home outright. Instead, most home buyers seek financing—a mortgage—to cover the difference between what they’ve saved, and what they need, to buy a home.

WHAT’S MY PRICE RANGE? Determining how much house you can reasonably afford requires carefully evaluating: Savings—how much have you set aside to cover a down payment on your home, as well as your closing costs? Affordability—how much can you safely borrow, and still meet all your financial obligations? A trained buyer’s representative can answer all your questions about factors to consider in evaluating your financing options and determining a reasonable price range for your home purchase. Additionally, we have you can learn more here: Your Credit Rating Applying for a Mortgage Mortgage Calculator

2. Answer your questions about the market. Do you have questions about specific communities or neighborhoods? About the market in general? We’ll use our knowledge of the MLS database to answer your questions with objective data.

3. Connect you with a lender who will help you obtain the right financing for your situation. If you don’t already have a lender, we can connect you with one that is a great fit for your situation. Whether you are a first-time or luxury home buyer, whether you are in the single family home, condo, or investment market, we can connect you with a lender who will help you obtain the financing that is the best fit for you.

4. Provide you the best property search AND provide search tools that give you a leg up on the competition: UNLIKE PUBLIC SEARCH SITES the MLS search we provide you does not have the time lag between updates on their site and when the change was made on the MLS. You don’t need to be actively searching for properties on the internet to stay on top of the market. The automatic updates and our leg work take care of this for you.

Your search is tailored to your needs, it notifies you immediately of new listings and just as important, existing listings undergoing a price reduction. Whether it is searching for foreclosures/short sales, properties by school or school district, specific neighborhoods, etc..we have tools that allow us to customize your well beyond that offered on public sites.

In the current market a well-priced property can receive multiple offers and sell very quickly.A fast, systematic approach to your property search may be the deciding factor in you obtaining your dream home hits the market.

5. Coordinate all of your showings. We’ll save you time by scheduling all of your showings for you. Prior to your showings, we’ll research each listing so you know each property’s price history as well as how long each property has been on the market. We are a team of 3 licensed real estate agents. If your lead agent is unavailable for an urgent showing request, one of our other agents will be able to assist you with your showing.

6. Help you learn more about communities, neighborhoods, and school districts. Do you need help finding the location that is the best fit for your lifestyle and family? We will take you on introductory tours of different neighborhoods and cities. We’ll provide you with online resources that will help you learn more about communities, neighborhoods, schools and special interests. We’ll introduce you to people who live in specific neighborhoods and school districts, so you can gain their valuable insights. And of course, we’ll view a variety of homes, so you can better understand how the homes vary from one neighborhood to the next.

7. Ensure we as a team negotiate with knowledge. Once you find the home or condo you love, we’ll help you prepare for negotiations by performing an in-depth investigation of the property. For example, we’ll research the property’s transaction and listing history. This includes property tax records, evidence of construction liens and special assessments. We’ll also research the sales history and provide you with a title scoop of the property.

8. Help you select a top notch home inspector. We recommend you select a home inspector who uses professional tools/education to detect hidden defects. For example, our inspectors are able to detect moisture and mold issues the average inspector would miss using a moisture probe and a thermal imaging camera to detect hidden moisture intrusions behind walls, in the ceiling, underneath the flooring, etc… Just as important, our home inspector uses a digital report filled out onsite and typically provided the same day as the inspection with photos, a clear identification of defects and more.

9. Protect your interests every step of the way. We’ll assist you through every phase of the process – from the structuring of your offer through the day of your closing. We’ll work closely with you so you understand each step, including your responsibilities and your rights. That means we’ll help you manage your financing, testing, and inspection contingencies. We’ll attend your inspection and help you plan the course of action that will follow your inspection. We’ll work to ensure every detail of your transaction is properly addressed prior to your closing.

10. Provide you the very best in service. Our number one goal is to provide you the very best in service as you go about the process of buying your new home. We’ll answer all of your questions, and we’ll do all that we can to address every one of your needs and requests along the way. We’ll be happy to provide you with references from recent clients.