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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Never rely on paint chips alone. Just like interior colors, exterior shades can vary significantly from the way they appear on the chip. And because painting an exterior is a bigger undertaking than simply painting a room, you’ll want to get them right the first time. Buy a quart of paint and test it on an […]

The Top 5 Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are NO longer just a utilitarian space, today’s bathroom can be a place of luxury and convenience. Achieving this is a matter of keeping up with the latest and greatest design elements. Last month’s Kitchen and Bath Industry show, where over 1,000 exhibitors released new products, gave us a peak into this year’s trends. […]

Moving Moving Moving…..SOLD!

2017 Home Design Trends

Source: Link to Article Learn about the latest on the residential style horizon so you can help clients meet their own needs as well as those of future buyers when it’s time to sell. Housing styles emerge slowly and typically appeal first to cutting-edge architects, builders, and interior designers. As a trend spreads and […]

Kitchen Makeover Ideas for Under $1,000

Source: Link to Article Kitchen remodels can cost your clients upwards to $20,000 or more. But there are a few simple and inexpensive tweaks that can give a dated kitchen a more modern edge. RISMedia recently highlighted some of the following ideas: Hardware: Replacing current hardware can really modernize the kitchen, but make sure […]

5 Ways to Improve a Home’s Air Quality

Source: Link to Article   If your house can’t rid itself of indoor pollutants and has trouble “breathing” it may be suffering from “Sick House Syndrome.” These sick homes with poor indoor air quality can make the people living inside sick as well. In a recent article, RISMedia highlights some of the ways to […]

Ask the Inspector – Fireplaces

Source:   I want my home to be heated by a wood-burning fireplace, but there isn’t one in my home. What options do I have to install a fireplace or other wood-burning system?   A wood-burning fireplace is a great way to warm your home during the cold winter months. But if your home […]

Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Pay Off

Source: Link to Article   Kitchen redos can be pricey. That means home owners on a budget must be choosy when trying to decide what kitchen projects to spend money on and what improvements can wait.® recently launched a new series “Renovations That Really Pay Off,” and their first article focuses on kitchen […]

This is the Hottest Color in Home Decor

Source: Link to Article   White still remains the top seller when it comes to color for most home furnishings but gray may soon edge it out. Home owners are reaching for shades of gray to decorate their spaces, with grays serving as a new neutral in all tones, from soft silvers to dark […]

Design Mistakes to Avoid With New Homes

Source: Link to Article   When building new, home buyers may be overwhelmed at the abundant choices and then suddenly find themselves in a designer role for their new home. Denver interior designers Lita Dirks and Tony Crasi, Akron, Ohio–based custom builders, offer up some of the biggest mistakes new buyers make as they […]