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The village of Shorewood Hills

The Village is a full-service municipality. Police, Public Works, Water/Sewer Utilities, and Administration are all provided by the Village. Shorewood Hills contracts with the City of Madison for our Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service. You can expect to receive a very high level of personalized service, over and beyond what you have probably experienced elsewhere. In addition, we provide services efficiently, as indicated by Shorewood Hills’ tax rate which is the lowest of any city or village in Dane County.

shorewood hills

The Village of Shorewood Hills stands along the shores of Lake Mendota and adjacent to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The land on which the Village stands has had a long history. The vegetation was originally prairie and oak forest. Native Americans found the lake a good source of food and camped along its shores. White settlers came to the area when Madison was chosen as the capital of Wisconsin Territory in 1836. By the 1850s, much of what is now Shorewood Hills had been cleared for agriculture. As the City of Madison and the University of Wisconsin grew they expanded west and the area gradually urbanized. The Village of Shorewood Hills was founded in 1927 and remains a quiet enclave within the greater Madison area.

Hundreds of years ago long-lost Native Americans came to this area and lived along the shores of Lake Mendota. As part of their culture, they constructed mounds in the shapes of animals and birds (effigy mounds), some of which still exist. The ones that are now part of the Blackhawk Country Club have been preserved and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The most famous effigy mound on the country club is the goose mound, which is one of the largest mounds in the state. It occupies a commanding site overlooking Lake Mendota.

The Village of Shorewood Hills is noted for its distinctive and varied architecture. A number of houses follow the Prairie School of architecture, of which Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan were the most noted exponents. Several noted local architects also designed houses in the Village, including Frank Riley, John Flad, William Kaeser, Beatty and Strang, and Edward Tough. Because the Village developed slowly over a long period of time, its streets show a wide diversity of architectural types. English tudor, Prairie style, International style, and Moderne style houses can be found side by side, or adjacent to houses of vernacular architecture.

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is one of the largest and best-known universities in the United States. Part of the west campus area is within the corporate limits of the Village of Shorewood Hills. This includes all of the Waisman Center and about half of the University Hospital and Clinics. The Emergency Entrance for University Hospital is in the Village, as is an associated facility, the Veterans Administration Hospital.

Shorewood Hills School

Since 1962 the Shorewood Hills Elementary School has been part of the Madison Metropolitan School District. It receives pupils not only from the Village but from the University Houses and Eagle Heights Apartments. The residents of these university housing facilities come from all over the world and because of this, the school has an exceedingly diverse student body. Village children gain greatly from the opportunity to associated with children from such countries as Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, Chile, Norway, Iceland, Germany, Nigeria, and other countries from around the world.

Shorewood Hills Pool

The Shorewood Hills Swimming Pool is an integral part of the Village. It is located in the Post Farm Park, an eight-acre farm remnant in the east part of the Village. The facility is a 50-meter swimming pool that provides outstanding accommodations for both recreational and competitive swimming. Among the activities provided at the pool are swimming lessons, swimming and diving competition, water ballet, water aerobics, and water basketball. In addition to residents, the pool is open to non-residents on a membership basis. Because of the pool’s popularity, there is a substantial waiting list to join. The second floor of the pool building constitutes a Community Center, where various Village groups hold functions. The Community Center and pool are also available for private party rentals on a limited basis.