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House Colors…..the easiest way to Love a Home Again

I just spent hours at a home trying to help determine the best paint color prior to listing the house.   The seller really loves the new clay tones but the trim in the house was oak (with orange undertones!)……All said and done, we decided to paint the entire house  a very elegant neutral color.    Nothing sharp or hard on the eyes.   The house will feel open and clean with new paint.  I will have my designer/stager spend a couple hours with the seller to place the furniture and suggest thoughts on accessories.  (secret:  this is the fun part!)

When the painting is done and the staging is finished  = Beautiful!

Many of my sellers tell me they wish they would have painted years prior….keep it simple, spend a little money for an expert’s advice and “Love Your Home”!

Here are some ideas:

And if you do not “Love Your Home”….call me.   I promise I will find you a Home to Love!


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