The Birschbach Team...Your Family Real Estate Consultants

The Birschbach Team Difference

In real estate like many other industries the qualities of a business that separate one from another are in the details. The message that you hear from one realtor to the next may be similar. This makes it challenging to get beyond the marketing to the true facts that are the key qualities you should be paying attention to when selecting the right realtor for you.

The cornerstone of our business approach is value. That is, we are here to be a valuable component in the process to achieve your goal — buying or selling your home with the desired results. Our feeling is we should not be part of the equation if we’re not a valued component.

At a high level our value is best described as working hard for you, providing beneficial information to you every step of the way in the process and doing many of the little things that are difficult or not feasible for you to do.

As one of the top real estate teams in the area (we are consistently in the top 1% of sales volume) we are as “hands on” as you will find. We take care of many of the tasks that arise in the process and “you do it” is a seldom used response. We are 100% open book and strive to share the “behind the scenes” activities that occur in real estate that are important for you to know. The end result is an efficient process where you feel we are working hard for you, there is good communication along the way and you are well prepared to make the critical decisions that exist when buying or selling.

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Jon & Donna